The scene of Yue Fei's tomb and General Yue's Temple is located at the southern foot of Qixia Hill. The present structure of the memorial temple and the tomb was formed in the later Qing Dynasty after a major rebuilding project.

The compound contains the tomb garden, the memorial temple of martyrdom, and the inspired loyalty temple.

Located in the western corner of the compound, the tomb garden faces eastward, and the two temples sit in the northern part and face the south.
The gate of General Yue's Memorial Temple faces the Yue Lake, one of the five sections of the West Lake. Between the tomb and temple compound and the Yue Lake stand a towering archway with the inscription of "Boundless Loyalty", displaying Chinese people's profound
admiration and respect to the patriotic hero. "The green hill is fortunate to be the burial ground of a loyal general; the white iron was innocent to be cast into the statues of traitors". Standing in front of the General Yue Fei's tomb which is under the state-level protection as a key cultural unit, Chinese visitors will compulsively feel an upsurge of emotion while reading the famous couplet on the gateposts of mausoleum. More than 800 years have passed since the year of Shaoxing 32 in the South Song Dynasty when emperor Xiaozong ordered in a royal decree to have Yue Fei reburied with state ceremony. The famous general led the resistance against the Jin invaders and could have won the war if he had not be betrayed. Yu Fei has been a national hero. Paying a visit to the Yue Fei's memorial temple and his tomb and reading aloud the clangorous lines in his poem named "The River All Red", one could feel the echoes of history. Yu Fei's heroic deeds and passionate feelings add a special beauty to the elegance of the West Lake.

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